The MoVE IDL Adapter

The MoVE approach is based on (UML) modelling but is not limited to that. To show the feasability of using Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), we developed a prototypical tool that allows to work with a dynamic DSL generated automatically for each metamodel (MoVE IDL)

The MoVE IDL is a powerful DSL that allows its users to quickly and easily create instance models for a given Metamodel in a very concise textual way. It comes with a complete editor that will make editing the DSL files a fast, easy and safe process.

The MoVE IDL tool was implemented as an Eclipse plugin or respectively as an Eclipse RCP Application.
Versions for Windows and Linux can be found here.

We created several Video-Tutorials that explain the core ideas and the usage of IDL.

  • This video shows the motivation behind MoVE IDL and why DSLs are a suitable method for creating model elements.


  • This video introduces the usage of MoVE IDL, shows how to set it up, configure it, and how to create some basic instances.

  • This video explains how to establish links between instances and how to compile and commit them to the MoVE server.

  • This video showcases special features of the language, such as instance imports, updates and annotations.