Within our research group we investigate the paradigm of Living Models, which comprises ten different principles. The aim of our MoVE project is to build a framework that supports these ten principles:


  • Support of storage and evolution of models
Common System View
  • All models of a current version should be related by a common system view
  • Each model maintained in repository seen as part of a system model
  • System model: abstraction of all relevant concepts and relationships in a system (a set of models).
Information Consistency and Retrieval
  • Consistency rules for models as parts of common system model
  • New views on information retrievable
Bidirectional Information Flow Between Models and Code
  • To enable monitoring and analysis
Close Coupling of Models and Code
  • Consistency of models and  code
Model Element States
  • Each model element has a “State”
  • State reflects status in its lifecycle
Change and Change Propagation
  • State of a model element can change between different model versions
  • Change of one state can trigger further changes
Change-Driven Process
  • Software development process driven by change events
Stakeholder-Centric Modelling Environment
  • Support of different stakeholders
Domains and Responsibilities
  • Various stakeholders work on models
  • Assign responsibilities to each model element