MoVE - Model Versioning and Evolution


Developing, maintaining and operating large IT-systems is a challenging task. More and more models are employed to describe systems and their properties.

To efficiently deal with models, we need a supportive infrastructure to organise them. Classical repositories, such as SVN, are not enough to deal with the challenges of a living models infrastructure. Some of these challenges are the following:

  • in most projects we have to deal with a variety of modelling tools
  • the consistency between models has to be maintained
  • various stakeholders are involved, and each of them should be provided his own view on the models
  • models have to be kept "alive" - e.g. changes in one model have to be propagated to connected models

MoVE (Model Versioning and Evolution) claims to provide a solution to these challenges.

Keywords: change-driven software development, change-driven process, change propagation, model evolution, model merging, model repository, quality management, Living Models.